Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a 20 oz. meal? How much will a quart of soup feed?

A 20 oz. meal is enough for a football player with a healthy appetite or two children. We find that most seniors will split the meals. Our soups are sold in 12 oz. portions (perfect for one), or 32 oz. quarts (3 servings).

Do you have any low salt foods available?

We make all of our foods from scratch. There is no added salt in any of ours soups or dinners. We just completed our ingredient lists and we are now working on the nutritional breakdown. It will be added to our labels soon. We often get "complaints" that there is not enough salt in some of our foods, especially our soups. We take pride in the fact that our sodium content in so low.

Who are the chefs making my food?

Glenn and Cheryl Wootten are the owners of Brandywine Meals. They first met while both working in a kitchen at a high end restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware. They currently own and operate Appleton Catering, the parent company of Brandywine Meals. Appleton has two gourmet foods markets where they have been selling these meals and soups for almost 10 years. Delivery of these meals was in such high demand that Brandywine Meals was born.

How long will the dinner and soups last in the freezer after I purchase them?

The dinners and soups will last up to six months without any problem in your freezer.

After I thaw a frozen dinner or soup can I refreeze the item?

We do not recommend that you refreeze any items after they are already thawed. It tends to change the consistency of foods.

How large are the meals, how many can I fit in my freezer?

A standard size top freezer will easily hold 12c dinners and 12 soups, and still have room for other frozen foods and ice cube trays. Each meal container measures 8" x 6" x 2" high.

How late can I place my order?

If you order by 12:00 noon on the day before your scheduled delivery day, you are guaranteed to get your delivery on your scheduled day.

How do I know what time my delivery will arrive?

Your driver will call you on the morning of your delivery and set up a delivery time.

How large are the meals? How many can I fit in my freezer?

Here is a picture of a standard freezer over refrigerator with 12 dinners and 12 12-oz. soups.

Standard freezer with 12 meals and 12 soups

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